Rousay Drive Post Office Update

POFollowing on from recent concerns regarding the closure of Rousay Drive Post Office, local councillor Steve Delaney wrote to Post Office Ltd, following this up with a meeting in Glasgow on 21st August.

Steve said, “Communications from the Post Office have been poor, with everyone left in the dark as to what’s going on. My biggest fear is that this amounts to the loss of a vital local service by the back door and without consultation. Although half of Summerhill is well covered by Summerhill Post Office, the other half is not and Sheddocksley has no Post Office whatsoever”.

It was a useful meeting with Steve keen to work with the Post Office with the intention of securing a replacement service for our area. Post Office Ltd advised it was not their intention to reduce the size of the network and confirmed they would be advertising for another local business to take on the service very soon. Steve has already put forward suggestions they may wish to further examine and has offered to meet with them locally as matters progress.

He added, “This was a meeting allowed me the opportunity to convey local concerns first hand and put right some misconceptions about distances and public transport links, which will hopefully help inform the process as it moves forward”.

“I’m not at all happy at how this has been handled or the fact that people have been left without postal services for so long. Regardless, I am of course happy to work with Post Office Ltd towards achieving a positive and sustainable outcome. There is no guarantee we’ll get a new Post Office, but it essential that dialogue continue and all options are explored”.