Bus Petitions – Next Steps

bus posterAs everyone will be aware, a number of petitions opposing the withdrawal of bus services from Kingswells have been doing the rounds. These have been organised by local people incensed at FirstAberdeen’s decision.

At their request local councillor Steve Delaney met earlier this week with a number of people who have been instrumental in gathering signatures to discuss next steps. As a result, it was agreed that the petitions will be handed to FirstAberdeen next week, with copies going to the Chief Executive of Aberdeen City Council and the Scottish Traffic Commissioner.

Residents are asked to make their way to First’s HQ in King Street for 10.45am on Wednesday 5th October. Please come along if you can, in order to demonstrate the level of concern in our community. A good turnout is absolutely essential. At 11.00am the petitions will be handed to a representative of First with covering letters requesting a formal response to the organisers. First have agreed to a short meeting with the petition organisers and Councillor Delaney thereafter.

Steve said, “I’ve been impressed with the way the community has united in opposition to First’s intention to withdraw our bus service and at the dedication and determination of local people to oppose this”.

“The petitions have arisen as a result of a grassroots movement, they have been community led and they clearly demonstrate that these genuine concerns need to be listened to and this decision reversed”.

“The handing over of these petitions demonstrates the community’s determination to ensure we retain a bus service which covers the whole of Kingswells. Please do come along if you can”.