First Week Of The 94/X94 Bus Service

Initial feedback on this service has been mostly positive, following initial problems at the start of the week, but it is clear that that can never be more than a “sticky plaster” until a full service is put in place.

Some people had issues catching the bus on Monday as the drivers were not stopping at all the bus stops. This was further compounded by several X17 services not turning up during morning peak.

Matters were not helped by someone removing the bus timetables from the bus stops last weekend. This was quickly resolved but did cause initial problems. There was also confusion caused as to which bus stops were being used as all the bus stops said that no services stopped there! Again, quickly corrected.

Unfortunately the bus does not stop at intermediate stops outwith Kingswells. This is not good news for people who work at Woodhill House who have to walk to/from ARI, despite the fact it passes Woodhill House anyway. There are no doubt other places of work affected in a similar manner.

Overall journeys are lengthy and inconvenient as a result of requiring two or three buses to reach your destination. The real test will of course be when everything returns to normal after the Easter break and whether or not the X17 has sufficient capacity.

Please continue to keep Steve advised of any further difficulties you encounter with the service so I can feed these back to the Council.