Broadband Update for Derbeth, Concraig and Wellside

As those of you who live in the Derbeth, Concraig and Wellside areas of Kingswells know, being connected to TPON & Exchange Only technology has prevented your line from being upgraded to high speed fibre broadband. But there is GOOD news!

In response to ongoing correspondence with BT, local councillor Steve Delaney was informed that “There has been significant positive progress on both the TPON and EO situation within Kingswells from within the Digital Scotland programme”. He went on to say that the Digital Scotland website will be updated to reflect the changed circumstances very soon.

Since then, new cabinets have gone up in the Derbeth area, so all is looking positive, though timescales are not yet available. Last year there was a breakthrough with the EO lines and some parts of Kingswells which were on these lines have now been upgraded. The rest will hopefully follow soon, though everything did come to an abrupt halt a few months ago.

Up until now there was no guarantee that the TPON lines would be upgraded as part of the current programme which is nearing its end. Hard to convert areas were deferred to the end of the programme to allow for technological advances and more cost effective solutions to be explored. Kingswells fell into that category.

There will be further updates as more details become available.