New Temporary Traffic Order Imposed – Regensburg Court

Start Date and Time : 01 March 2018 08:00
End Date and Time : 31 August 2019 23:00

Location : Regensburg Court

Description : Aberdeen City Council has made the above-named order in terms of its powers under Section 14(1) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984.

The effect of the order, which will operate from 08:00 on 1 March, 2018, until 23:00 on 31 August, 2019, is to impose a temporary prohibition of waiting for any purpose on the road on the schedule below.

Illegally parked vehicles will be removed at the owner’s expense. The measure is necessary to prevent obstructive parking and thereby ensure emergency vehicle access.

Schedule Unnamed access road to Regensburg Court West side, from its junction with Kingsford Road, northwards, then eastwards and then southwards for a distance of 77 metres or thereby.