Clydesdale Bank Closure

Clydesdale Bank have made a shock announcement that they intend to close their Mastrick branch by the end of June this year.

Mastrick councillor Steve Delaney said, “Local people and local businesses have been devastated by this news. This is a very well used branch, it’s always busy and it provides a lifeline to both the local community in Mastrick, Northfield, Sheddocksley and Summerhill but also to local businesses, especially those in the Mastrick Shoping Centre”.

“I have serious concerns for the shopping centre, having lost both the Post Office and now, it appears, the bank. It’s not just the convenience of the bank being handy, it’s also the fact that it brought people into the shopping centre, people who may in future go elsewhere”.

“Mastrick Shopping Centre is popular and well used, as is the Clydesdale Bank. I do have to wonder if this was a paper exercise conducted by someone who doesn’t know the area as it makes no sense to close this branch”.

Steve has written to Clydesdale Bank’s Chief Executive outlining the concerns of both residents and businesses and asked for them to reconsider the proposed closure.