Consultation On Cross City Transport Connections

Aberdeen City Council is consulting on cross city routes to make sure the full benefits of the AWPR are locked in.

These are new roads designed to create direct links between residential areas and main centres of employment. The intention is for these routes to offer real alternatives to car use, making public transport and active travel more attractive for people to get to and from work.

Lib Dem Infrastructure Spokesman, Steve Delaney said, “As a city we need to ensure we make best use of the future transport opportunities afforded to us by the opening of the AWPR. In that respect I would encourage everyone to feed into the consultation and make their views known”.

“Whilst fully supporting the need to investigate these options, we would expect them to take full account the needs of not just motorists and public transport but also of cyclists and pedestrians in their overall design”.

“These should not be considered as desirable bolt-ons, otherwise we will simply dilute the sustainability of any such scheme”.

The council wants to know your views on the nine options under consideration.

The consultation runs until 30 November 2018 and can be accessed here.