Update On Recycling & Brown Bin Collections

Aberdeen City Council has announced the resumption of brown bin recycling collections but on a reduced monthly frequency.

Commenting on the partial reintroduction all mixed recycling, garden and food waste collections in Aberdeen Liberal Democrat Operations Spokesperson Steve Delaney said, “ The Liberal Democrats welcome the reintroduction of collections of mixed recycling, food waste and garden waste in Aberdeen”. 

“Some residents were left confused and dismayed when the decision was taken to temporarily suspend emptying both brown bins and recycling bins in order to stick to social distancing rules. Not everyone got the news of this change which meant bins were still put out on dates when there was no collection. Some people also mistakenly thought they had to put all their waste and recycling in the same bin”. 

“I am delighted that staff from other council services have volunteered to help with waste and recycling collections. Thanks to them, mixed recycling and brown bin collections can restart, albeit on a reduced frequency.”

Councillor Delaney continued, “Whilst four weekly collections of mixed recycling, food and garden waste will present a challenge for some families, this is certainly a vast improvement on no service at all.

“With all household recycling centres closed throughout Scotland, the only remaining option is for excess recycling to be taken to supermarket recycling centres. I have done this myself, as have others but it’s not an option for residents who are either in the shielding group and unable to leave their home, or those do not have access to a car. For these people the challenge of what to do with overflowing recycling will remain unresolved”.

“Most people I have spoken with understand why this situation has arisen and the need to protect council staff. We should never be asking anyone, let alone our key workers, to put themselves at risk in order to deliver the essential services upon which we all depend. That’s why it was important for the council to find a solution that gets the job done without risking the lives of staff collecting waste and recycling”.

A calendar showing which collections are on which days can be found here.