A944/B9119 Corridor Study

Aberdeen City Council is carrying out a study into the A944/B9119/Lang Stracht/Queens Road corridors following the opening of the AWPR last year.

The study is being undertaken in the context of the council’s revised Roads Hierarchy and in response to repeated calls for active travel improvements along the corridor and it’s identification as a priority corridor for improvement by the North East Bus Alliance.

Among other things, it is hoped that the outcomes of the study can feed into ACC’s application for a share of the bus priority infrastructure funding identified in the most recent Programme for Government once this becomes available.

Lib Dem Infrastructure spokesman Steve Delaney said, “The priorities of this route have changed over the past year as it has become a main route for accessing the AWPR from the west of the city”.

‘The current facilities for active travel along these routes is patchy at best, especially in respect of safe cycle provision but also for pedestrians who often have to share a path with cyclists. This will need to change if we are to encourage more people to make the modal shift”.

“This study provides a unique opportunity to identify how these routes can be re-designed and re-prioritised to better serve us in the future, in particular by incorporating significantly improved facilities for walking, cycling and public transport at the design stage”.

The council is currently only consulting stakeholders on these plans so there is currently no facility for the public to feed in their views.

A full public consultation is of course essential to coming up with a workable solution. The current intention is for the public to have their say later this year, though an exact timescale cannot currently be finalised due to uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 restrictions.

Further information will be posted as soon as details of the public consultation have finalised so everyone can have their say.