Help Stop The Vandalism At Kingswells Playing Field

The local playing field beside Kingswells School was in need of repair as a result of a sizeable dip having developed over time. Local children and their families raised some money to have the area professionally restored by landscape gardeners. The work was undertaken two or three weeks ago at a time when the field was not in use, so as to give the new grass the opportunity to get established.

Unfortunately the repaired area was purposely damaged within a day or two and this was repeated until it got to the point where the repair has been totally destroyed. Further acts of vandalism have resulted in damage to other parts of the field.

This does not appear to be random acts of vandalism but instead, a deliberate attempt to damage the playing field and to limit its usefulness. It is likely chemicals may have been used on the field, so please keep pets and children away from the area in the meantime.

These incidents are currently the subject of an ongoing investigation by Aberdeen City Council and Police Scotland.

A single point of contact has been set up so that residents can get through to the person who is co-ordinating the investigation. They can be contacted directly by email or by phoning 07843850974.

Local councillor Steve Delaney said, “If you have witnessed any unusual behaviour in the area over the past two or three weeks, no matter how insignificant you may consider it to be, please get in touch”.

“They are also actively gathering evidence relating to other similar incidents which have taken place in Kingswells over the past 10 years or more and are asking for anyone who can assist with their enquiries to come forward, including those who have previously given statements”.

“Because there is an ongoing investigation, I would ask residents not to make assumptions and not to name any possible suspects. Please do not share your thoughts on this mater online or anywhere else as this may prejudice the inquiry”.

“Your help is needed now, so if you have any information, even from a few years ago, I urge you to come forward. Please make use of the supplied contact details and help put a stop to these actions once and for all”.