Scottish Government Announces Plans For National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher

National 5
There will be no National 5 exams next year. An alternative certification model will be developed based on teacher judgement and this will be supported by resources which are currently being developed and quality assurance measures will be in place to ensure consistency across the country.

Guidance on evidence gathering and estimation was published by the Scottish Qualifications Authority a few days ago and further guidance will be issued on exactly what will be required of schools, staff and of course candidates after October. The focus will be on the quality of evidence rather than on the quantity and teachers’ professional judgement will remain of key importance.

Higher and Advanced Higher
The current planning assumes that exams will go ahead but the exams will start two weeks later than usual, on 13th May 2021, giving an additional two weeks of teaching time compared to previous years. A contingency plan is also being developed should exams not be able to proceed again next year as a result of the pandemic.