Liberal Democrats pride ourselves on working all year round, not just at election time. If you are interested in learning more about our year-round campaigning activities and taking part, please let us know.

    2 thoughts on “Get Involved

    1. Val Livingstone says:

      Will we be able to get a copy of route bus stops and times for the 94A
      Can I also ask if they are going to be cutting the grass verges again, we are in Callum Cres and as I mentioned to you previously the weeds are spreading into our garden worse now as they didn’t strim the edges the last time where the machines couldn’t get at.

      • Steve Delaney says:

        The link to the timetables are on the posts on my website and can be downloaded to your computer.

        The area of grass you mentioned is only cut a couple of times a year and was done a few weeks after you raised it last time. It’s unlikely they will cut it again so soon but I will mention this.

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