Council Won’t Consult On Summerhill Site

ACCFollowing the withdrawal of Morrisons Supermarket from the former Summerhill Centre site, local people have raised concerns about what may go into the site.

Local councillor Steve Delaney put forward a proposal regarding the future use of the Summerhill site at the Council meeting of 20th August 2014. It read as follows:-

That Council consult widely with the general public in Summerhill, Mastrick and Sheddocksley seeking their views on the redevelopment of the former Summerhill Centre, with a view to bringing an options appraisal to the appropriate committee

Speaking at the Council meeting Steve said, “We need to gather views as to what local people would like to see built there. They have had to look at a derelict site for more than 2 years, surely we owe them that? Now the Morrisons option is off the table, given the size of the site and its prominence, lets ask the public and give serious consideration to their ideas. This is an opportunity to allow local people a say in re-shaping their own community”.

The Council Leader, with SNP, Conservative and Labour support instead referred the matter to officials to work up a list of options for the site and report back to councillors in October where a final decision will be made.

Steve said, “So much for being a listening Council! It would have made sense to hear what local people think before taking a decision on how best to progress this. It became apparent during debate that Labour members in particular had concerns about what people might say. Whilst accepting that all ideas would need to be feasible and deliverable, I just couldn’t get my head round why we should not be asking people for their views”.

“I suggested to the Council Leader that she should be asking people what they want, not telling them what they are going to get! Clearly our Labour led Council don’t value the views of people living in Summerhill, Mastrick and Sheddocksley”.