Lets Work Together For A Better Scotland

Commenting on the Referendum result, local councillor Steve Delaney said, “Now that the Referendum is over, we all have time to reflect. Regardless if you were a Yes or a No, we’re all Scots and we need to work together in the interests of Scotland. 85% of the electorate showed they cared passionately about the future of our country by turning out to vote. The vast majority wanted so much more than we have today and the status quo cannot be an option. My respect goes to all who expressed strongly held views on both sides. We all want a much stronger Scottish Parliament, that much we can agree on”.

“For those like me who voted No, this is not a time to rejoice, but instead a time to rebuild. If you voted Yes, you will be hurting as I would have if it had gone the other way. Friends, family and neighbours were on different sides of the argument and there were always going to be wounds to heal, whatever the outcome. Now is the time to unite as Scots to ensure we’re not short changed as a final “Devo-Max” settlement is drawn up. First steps yesterday were encouraging and I look forward to ongoing co-operation between the Parties to deliver on the settled will of the Scottish people”.

The wording of the resolution to the UK Parliament, signed by the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition and Gordon Brown MP, sets in stone their commitment to a timetable: command paper next month, white paper in November and draft laws for a new Scotland Act in January. Published yesterday, the resolution to Parliament will be laid formally when it opens its doors on Monday. It states:-

That this House welcomes the result of the Scottish independence referendum and the decision of the people of Scotland to remain part of the United Kingdom; recognises that people across Scotland voted for a Union based on the pooling and sharing of resources and for the continuation of devolution inside the United Kingdom; notes the statement by the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition regarding the guarantee of and timetable for further devolution to Scotland; calls on the Government to lay before Parliament a Command Paper including the proposals of all three UK political parties by 30th October and to consult widely with the Scottish people, civic Scotland and the Scottish Parliament on these proposals; further calls on the Government to publish heads of agreement by the end of November and draft clauses for a new Scotland Act by the end of January 2015.