More Shenanigans At Fawlty Towers!

Town HouseLabour have shot themselves in the foot again! At today’s Council meeting they pushed through a decision to publish a 12 page glossy booklet outlining their achievements over the last four years, to be sent out with next year’s Council Tax bills, just weeks away from the Council elections!

Following on from a similar communication setting out a view on the Scottish independence referendum in 2014, today opposition Parties mounted a robust opposition to this proposal.

Liberal Democrat councillor Steve Delaney opposed the previous communication even though he supported the sentiment of that letter which supported Scotland’s continuance as part of the UK. His opposition was on the basis that Council Tax payers should not be footing the bill.

Steve said, “This is political propaganda at its worst. If Labour want to tell everyone about their achievements I’m fine with that. There’s an election next year. By all they means put this in their leaflets and let voters arrive at their own conclusions, just don’t expect Council Tax payers to pay for it”.