Councillors’ Wheelchair Challenge

Future Choices, a local charity which supports adults with disabilities threw down the gauntlet to councillors in Aberdeen to navigate the city centre in a wheelchair. One person was invited from each political group, with Steve Delaney representing the Liberal Democrats. The challenge took place on 23rd March and there were, thankfully, a raft of willing volunteers to assist.

Steve said, “This was a real eye openers for me. Uneven surfaces, cobbled areas and cracked pavements were challenging enough but getting across the road before the traffic lights changed was a really frightening experience. Drivers were very courteous but the short journey merely reinforced some of the real challenges faced by disabled people in Aberdeen”.

“What I had not realised was how much physical strength wheelchair users need to enable them to get about. I was absolutely exhausted and that was with a helpful volunteer to assist when I got stuck or ran out of steam. The volunteers also found it quite challenging”.

“All five of us found it was a worthwhile experience from which we learnt much about disability and the challenges people face getting around the city centre every day of the year”.

Future Choices plan to repeat the challenge at a future date. If you’d like to see how Marie Boulton, Stephen Flynn, Len Ironside, Douglas Lumsden and Steve got on, you can watch the video!