Latest News On Kingswells Buses Situation

First Train Drivers In Kingswells

Over the last couple of weeks FirstAberdeen have been training drivers in Kingswells. This has understandably angered local residents. Steve Delaney, who saw two drivers being trained in Kingswells said, “This really beggars belief following on from First pulling out of Kingswells. I’ve been contacted by a number of residents who were clearly upset by by First’s display of total arrogance and insensitivity”.

“I appreciate they can train where they like, but this is surely rubbing salt into the wounds. Besides, drivers don’t need to be familiar with Kingswells any more so there’s no defensible reason for doing so. Clearly First has no shame, though I doubt that comes as a surprise to Kingswells residents”.

Some Connection Problems With the No 94 Shuttle Bus

Generally speaking the No 94 shuttle bus has been working well for those who are able to make use of it, accepting of course that many cannot do so as a result of its restricted hours of operation. Unfortunately there have been some issues with Stagecoach drivers pulling off from the P&R just as the 94 was coming in, resulting in people being late for work.

Steve Delaney has raised this with Stagecoach. Whilst they cannot hold up their services waiting for any late buses, they have agreed to hold back a minute or two if the 94 is within sight they prepare to pull off. However, some of the issues relate to the 94 timetable which is designed to link with the new X17 which comes into play from 8th May. When these changes come in there should hopefully be less issues arising in respect of connections.

Steve Delaney said, “The 94 is working well for some people but is completely useless for others. It can only ever be regarded as a stop gap solution and we need to get a better service in place as soon as possible. Subject to being re-elected on 4th May, you can be reassured this will remain my top priority”.