Have You Lost TV Channels Recently?

If you use Freeview you may have noticed you are no longer able to receive a number of your TV channels following the automated re-tuning which took place on or around 15th August. This is due to a number of the channels having been moved to different frequencies to free up space for 5G mobile networks. In many cases your aerial just requires to be moved slightly or your require a signal booster. In some cases you may need a new aerial.

Steve Delaney said, “After the re-tune I found I had lost about 20 channels but I remembered having received a postcard from Freeview advising this might happen so I called them. They sent someone round to take a look at it, fitted a new rooftop aerial and I’m now receiving even more channels than I had before the upgrade”.

“Due to the act that this is a Government initiative, the costs of any labour and parts required will be covered by Freeview provided the fault can be attributed to the recent upgrade. So it you have lost Freeview channels give them a call to discuss the problem before you consider trying to fix it yourself”.

Freeview’s Advice Line is onĀ 0808 100 0288 or you can read more about it here.

Please note. This only affects Freeview televisions and Freeview (or Youview) boxes. If you have Sky or Freesat your channels will not have been affected by this change.