Aberdeen City Council Backs People’s Vote

People's Vote logoLiberal Democrats have welcomed Aberdeen City Council’s backing for their call for a People’s Vote on the Brexit deal negotiated by the Prime Minister.

The council agreed by 22 votes to 9 to back a motion from Liberal Democrat Group Leader Ian Yuill calling for a People’s Vote  at its meeting on Monday 17th December.

Aberdeen City Council’s Lib Dem leader Ian Yuill said “We now know that promises made about Brexit, like £350 million a week extra for the NHS and getting a deal with the ‘exact same benefits’ as EU membership, cannot be kept.

“Since the start of the month it has become blindingly clear that the Brexit process is a mess and the Prime Minister’s exit deal is clearly doomed.

“Given all this, it does not seem right to tell people, as the UK Government is doing, that the public should just accept without question whatever version of Brexit we ultimately face on 29th March next year.”

Ian Yuill concluded “A People’s Vote would put the UK’s citizens back in control and give everyone the chance to decide whether the Prime Minister’s deal is good for the country and if the UK should leave the EU on those terms.”