Latest Update On AWPR Junction On A944

A number of concerns were raised earlier this year in respect of getting on and off the AWPR/A944 at the Kingswells South junction safely at peak times and also of lengthy queues.

Liberal Democrat Infrastructure Spokesman and local councillor Steve Delaney raised these concerns inito be told initially that a full evaluation would be undertaken after 12 months looking at various factors including accident statistics.

Steve said, “This really concerned me as it seemed like Transport Scotland were going to sitting back for 12 months waiting for accidents to happen. Even then, an assessment of the statistics and any recommendations arising from these would likely have taken a few months more. to agree, never mind to implement

After pursuing matters further Steve was given assurances that the situation as reported was “most certainly understood”, being “closely monitored” by their technical advisers and “should the monitoring indicate that enhancements to the junction are required, then these will be considered accordingly”. 

He has been in regular contact with council officers and Aberdeen Roads Ltd since then and can confirm there is now a recognition by Transport Scotland that an engineering solution is required in order to reduce queueing at peak times.

Steve said, “There is hardly a week that goes by without a constituent contacting me about either an accident or a near miss. Despite this, Transport Scotland appear to be in no hurry to address the issue.

“My understanding is that a report is to come to committee early next year outlining firm proposals on how to improve safety at the junction. I just hope it’s not too little, too late by then.

“Please rest assured I will continue to press for a solution to be taken forward an, more importantly, implemented as soon as possible”.