School Bus Access During C89C closure

A recently published Road Traffic Order has caused significant concern across Kingswells. The proposed closure was of the C89C “Kingswells bypasss” from its junction with Kingswells Crescent at Derbeth to the Kingswells North junction of the AWPR from 2nd to 13th December.

Local councillor Steve Delaney said, “This has very understandably caused concerns for parents as to how their children will get to and from school as this route is used by the school bus to Bucksburn Academy”.

“I contacted the council last Friday and have discussed matters at length with various people in the hope of finding a solution in respect the school buses. A meeting between relevant council officers took place earlier today and I now have more details of what’s proposed and the access arrangements which have been put in place for the school buses”.

The road closure is necessary in order for works to be undertaken to install street lighting on the section of road from the junction with Kingswells Crescent and the Kingswells North junction of the AWPR. This will involve the laying of underground cabling, so the closure is unavoidable as the road will effectively be operating as a construction site during this time.

The traffic order is for 12 days but it is expected the works will be completed sooner than this and the aim is for the road to be re-opened as quickly as possible.

Steve continued, “I am pleased to confirm agreement has been reached for the school buses to be given access to the closed section of road for both the morning and afternoon journeys but no other vehicles will be allowed through. The buses will have to proceed at a much slower pace so journeys will take a little longer”.

“I appreciate the road closure will cause significant disruption in respect of children attending after school activities and indeed for everyone who regularly travels between Kingswells and Bucksburn. Unfortunately this is unavoidable so the best we can hope for is an early completion of these works which, I’m assured, is everyone’s aim”.

“I have contacted Bucksburn Academy to make them aware of the revised arrangements and would ask that everyone reading this posting pass on the details to others who may not be fully aware of the situation”.

That meeting took place earlier today. The outcome was that …..