Possible Solution To Kingswells South Junction Delays & Safety Concerns

A long awaited solution to the Kingswells South junction of the AWPR may finally be coming forward. As residents are aware, the road layout, combined with lengthy traffic jams at peak times, has led to a number of accidents and countless near misses at this junction where the AWPR meets the A944.

Transport Scotland have now confirmed they have worked up a possible solution and put this to Aberdeen City Council for consideration. They have given no details of their proposed solution other than to say that the proposed measures would help alleviate peak hour queuing on the AWPR from the diverging slip road.

Lib Dem Infrastructure Spokesman and local councillor Steve Delaney said, “It became obvious shortly after the AWPR opened that the Kingswells South junction was not operating safely. At peak hours the queueing is excessive and there’s been countless near misses and a number of accidents”.

“As a local councillor I have raised these concerns on numerous occasions dating back to March of this year. Initially I was told Transport Scotland would be reviewing the operation of the junction after 12 months of operation, which I found, quite frankly, to be a somewhat cavalier approach when people are risking their lives on a daily basis at this junction”.

“Later responses suggested they were actively monitoring the junction and had accepted an engineering solution would be required. Meanwhile as the first anniversary of the opening of this junction passes, we’re only now seeing Transport Scotland coming up with a possible solution”.

“Although I’m pleased to hear of a solution now being within reach, I fear we’re likely to be looking at some more months down the line before it is implemented. It’s an absolute disgrace that Transport Scotland has been aware of these safety concerns for at least nine months and are only now looking to progress a solution”.

“Meanwhile there’s been countless more near misses and several accidents, many of which could possibly have been avoided if these concerns had been acted upon much quicker. The sooner we see diggers on the ground delivering these improvements, the better”.