Everyone’s Bin Confused!

As I look through my mailbox this morning and look out my window, it appears that last week’s announcement from the council about suspending recycling collections has left people confused. Today is recycling day in Sheddocksley but most people have put out their household rubbish bins.

The statement from Aberdeen City Council said, “Services have been suspended so the collections team can implement new ways of working, following the Government’s guidance on social distancing. The team can then assess the impact of the new ways of working and review. “

For avoidance of doubt, please note the following

  1. There will be no pickups of recycling bins or brown bins until further notice.
  2. I will post online when these resume.
  3. Mixed recycling can be disposed of at supermarket recycling points, otherwise it will need to be stored until collections resume..
  4. Food waste can be put in with household rubbish at the moment.
  5. There is no way to get rid of garden waste at the moment.
  6. Household rubbish collections remain fortnightly
  7. There is currently no collection at all on recycling days.
  8. Please don’t shoot the messenger 😟