Fairy Doors In Sheddocksley Woods

The coronavirus lockdown has brought out the best in many people, especially young children.

Sisters Pola (10) and Stefania (8) from Sheddocksley were getting a little bit bored of the daily walks in our neighbourhood and they thought it would be good idea to make it a little bit more exciting for them and other kids. They first painted a lot of rocks and hidden them in various places in our woodland.

Every day they were excited to find out if they have been moved or not.
They then came up with the idea of painting and hiding fairy doors. The sisters have now painted 25 wooden fairy doors for a bit of fun and hidden them in Sheddocksley woods along the pathway to the ‘swing’.

The girls’ mother Alicia said, “We have lots of friends with younger kids and thought that with the limited options available to entertain during lockdown, it’d be good to give them something to look forward to when going on a daily walk”.

“I ordered the doors online, my girls painted them and put names on each door (male names too?) and we hidd them in the forest.
“The feedback on Nextdoor.co.uk website has been very positive which
we are very happy about”.

A number of local people have been out and about spotting them on their daily walks. This is a great fun way to occupy the kids during the lock down, but please remember to keep your distance from other people for everyone’s safety.

Unfortunately, some of these doors have been either moved or taken away. Hopefully they will turn up again soon so everyone can enjoy them.

Local councillor Steve Delaney said, “I would like to thank Pola and Stefania for all their hard work creating these lovely doors and putting a smile on everyone’s faces. If anyone has moved some of these doors, please return them so we can all enjoy a mini expedition out and about looking for them”