Aberdeen City Council Administration Rejects Live Webcasting Of Committee Meetings

Photo of Town House, Aberdeen

Liberal Democrats in Aberdeen have condemned the Conservative, “Aberdeen Labour” and Independent councillors who control Aberdeen City Council for rejecting the Liberal Democrats’ call to live webcast council committee meetings during the Coronavirus lockdown.

Liberal Democrat Group Leader Ian Yuill revealed that the Conservative, “Aberdeen Labour” and Independent group leaders rejected the Liberal Democrats’ proposal because of the amount of work it would take.

Ian Yuill  said: “I absolutely do not accept that webcasting council committee meetings would create any significant extra work for council staff. At the most basic it would only involve pointing a camera at a screen displaying the online meetings.

“Decision making needs to be open and accountable. People should be able to see decisions being made in their names as it happens, not in a recording broadcast only later.

“I am appalled that the Conservative, ‘Aberdeen Labour’ and Independent group leaders have refused to back live webcasting council committee meetings.”