Street Lighting Upgrades, Carriageway & Footway Resurfacing

Image by Gundula Vogel from Pixabay 

Aberdeen City Council has approved this year’s programme of works for the resurfacing of roads and footways as well as lighting column replacements and lighting upgrades.

Under normal circumstances we could expect the works specified in the main list to be undertaken and for some works the reserve list to be done if there is an underspend on the main list works or if any of those works slipped due to unforeseen circumstances.

Although the normal order of play will be followed, it is currently impossible to say how many of the identified works can be completed due to current lockdown conditions, the need to follow social distancing requirements by road crews and other issues outwith the control of the council and its contractors due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The list below highlights proposed works in both the main and the reserve lists as approved in respect of the Kingswells, Sheddocksley, Summerhill and Mastrick areas.

Replacement Lighting Columns – Main List

39 columns in the Willowpark area

Replacement Lighting Columns – Reserve List

Corroded columns across the Summerhill area

Column replacements in Jura Place, Kingsford Road, Lewis Road car parks, Maidencraig Place, Mull Way, Sheddocksley Drive, Stroma Terrace, Three Crescent, Windford Road, Windford Square, Arnage Crescent, Arnage Drive, Arnage Place, Burnbrae Place, Croft Place, fern hill Road, Gillahill Place, Mastrick Drive, Greenfern Road & Springhill Road.

Footway Resurfacing – Main List

Endrick Place

Eday Road – North side from Stronsay Drive to Eday Crescent

Sheddocksley Road phase 1 – Both sides from Kingsford Road to Maidencraig Place

Footway Resurfacing – Reserve List 

East Main Avenue – Mastrick Drive to Arnage Drive – west side

Eday Road – East side from Stronsay Drive to Ferneilea Place

Sheddocksley Road phase 2 – Both sides from Maidencraig Place to Sheddocksley Drive.

Sheddocksley Road phase 3 – Both sides from Bellfield Road to Kingsford Road.

Carriageway Resurfacing – Main List

Kingsford Road from Springhill Road to Kingsford School including the loop at Regensburg Court

Carriageway Resurfacing – Reserve List

A944 Eastbound from the Lodge to the 5 Mile Garage

A944 Westbound from the Lodge to Smiddybrae

A944 Westbound from DJ Automotive Engineering access to 100 meters before B9119 (Tarland Road)

Mastrick Drive from No 2 to No 16

Kingswood Drive from Kingswells Avenue to Coldstone Avenue

Fairley Road from Kingswood Drive to No 26

C89C (Chapel of Stoneywood) from Dykeside Roundabout to Kingswells Crescent

Flood Prevention Works

Old Skene Road, Kingswells

Lang Stracht, Summerhill & Maidencraig areas