Major Road Works Set To Recommence

The long awaited works to improve safety at the Kingswells South junction of the AWPR are set to commence on or around 13th July with an estimated completion date of 10th August.

Liberal Democrat councillor Steve Delaney has been campaigning for intervention at this junction for the last year, following a number of accidents, occurring on an almost daily basis.

He said, “The solution put forward by Transport Scotland is for the junction to be fully signalised with traffic signals on the roundabout itself and the two slip roads”.

“Thankfully these will not operate on a fixed timed basis like the Kingswells roundabout but will instead be triggered by traffic volumes. They will be linked into the council’s intelligent traffic management system which monitors all other movements on surrounding routes with the aim of optimising the number of vehicles getting through the junction whilst ensuring public safety”.

The works were originally planned to start in April and last for up to six weeks. Unfortunately the covid-19 lockdown regulations did not permit such activities to be undertaken. However, the council has continued to work with the contractors on preparatory works off site to ensure they could start on site as quickly as possible and minimise the time required for the on-site works.

Steve continued, “I’m pleased to see these works being carried out during the school holiday period when our roads are a bit quieter. Better still if it could have been done during the lockdown but that was outwith everyone’s control”.

“There are bound to be some delays delays during these works but the aim is to keep these to the minimum. Given the high number of accidents over the past year or so, it’s vital the works are carried out as soon as possible”.