Large Vehicles, Vans & Trailers Can Now Use Recycling Centres But You Need To Book A Slot

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Household Waste & Recycling Centres (HWRCs) are now permitting entry to large vehicles, vans and vehicles with trailers but residents must book a time slot first.

Following the re-opening of HWRCs there have been long queues as residents get rid of the build up of materials for disposal which have accumulated over the lockdown. Queues are still lengthy but they are not nearly as bad as they were when these facilities first opened.

The lockdown was a great time to do a spring clean but not a good time to get rid of anything as HWRCs were closed for about three months. Similarly, garden waste collections are initially stopped, then resumed on a reduced frequency.

Not all materials which were previously accepted are currently being accepted as some reprocessing facilities are still no open. If you are intending visiting a HWRC please check online first as the list of items which can be accepted is increasing but not yet back to normal.

Cars typically spend about 5 minutes on site but larger vehicles can take around 20 minutes, so a booking system has been introduced to allow larger vehicles to use the facility on a controlled basis to try to ensure everyone can access the site.

Those in cars, 4×4 vehicles (SUVs), MPVs (up to 7 seats) and small vans (car-like vans) do not need to book and can continue to use the sites freely as they do now.

Larger vehicles that require an appointment include; 

  • Transit-type vans 
  • Cars with trailers   
  • People carriers above 7 seater capacity  
  • Pick up trucks 
  • Vans with a capacity above 4 cubic metres 

Same day bookings are not possible, and residents should book at least the day before their visit. Booking a slot does not give priority access and people with bookings will still require to queue at busy times.

Lib Dem councillor Steve Delaney said, “I’m pleased to see these facilities opening up to larger vehicles. Residents have been struggling to store excess waste and recycling in recent months and will be delighted to hear of this change”.

“There was always a balance to be struck and allowing access to as many vehicles as possible in the course of a day was essential in the interests of fairness”.

Now that queues are becoming more manageable it’s only right that we open up capacity to larger vehicles but that capacity remains limited and will hopefully increase over time”.

The four HWRC sites are operating normal summer opening hours from 10am to 7.45pm from Monday to Friday, and from 9am to 7.45pm on Saturdays and Sundays. The Tullos site is closed on Wednesdays.

Upon arrival, you will need to show proof of address (i.e. council tax bill, utility bill, bank statement), your booking reference number and hire vehicle documentation if applicable.  

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