We Must Protect The Elderly and Disabled Without Placing Them Under House Arrest

Whilst it’s important that public health concerns are acted upon and restrictions observed, both Governments are causing confusion with the ever changing regulations and more so with some of the mixed messages they are sending out.

You can meet loved ones in a pub full of strangers but you can’t meet in your home or theirs where there will be less people and where you can put in place your own safety measures. That’s only one of a handful of conflicting messages being promoted at Government level.  

Lib Dem councillor Steve Delaney said, “It’s vital that all restrictions must be complied with and we cannot pick and chose which ones we can ignore, unlike some prominent individuals who really should have known better”.

“There’s no excuse for breaking the law but I believe the time has come to challenge those who represent us to explore how we can better support those who live alone. We need to end their isolation and give them hope”.

“Accordingly I have written to the First Minister asking her to work with her medical and scientific advisors in order to put an end to this cruel loneliness which is being imposed on our elderly relatives, especially those who are disabled and/or housebound”.

“I wish to be clear that elderly and disabled people should not be put at greater risk as a result of any change. Instead, what I’m proposing is a “safe visiting protocol” with appropriate restrictions where necessary, to allow for visits to resume with everyone knowing what precautions need to be observed to help them keep their loved ones safe”.

“Although it’s vital that we keep at risk groups safe from covid, we need a rethink in order to end their “house arrest” and take care of their mental health and wellbeing”.

My letter to the First Minister can be viewed here.