New Covid Travel Restrictions

From 6pm today (Friday 20 November) the guidance on non-essential travel will become law.

If you live in a Level 4 or 3 local authority area you should avoid any unnecessary travel out of the area except for essential travel

If you live in a level 1 or 2 you should avoid unnecessary travel to places in Level 3 or 4 except for essential purposes.

Essential travel is defined by the Scottish Government as:

* Travel for work, or provide voluntary or charitable services where they cannot be done from your home
* Travel for education
* Travel for essential shopping only where it is not possible in your local area
* Travel for healthcare, social care, childcare or other essential services, including recycling, but only if they are not available in your local area
* Travel to provide care or assistance to a vulnerable person
* Travel to visit a person receiving treatment in a hospital, staying in a hospice or care home, or to accompany a pregnant woman, vulnerable person or child to a medical appointment
* Travel for shared parenting or travel between the two parts of an extended household
* Travel to meet a legal obligation
* Travel to move house

Further guidance and a full list of essential travel exemptions can be found on the Scottish Government website.

For avoidance of doubt Aberdeen is currently classified as level 2.