Sheltered Common Rooms Re-Open

In accordance with the lifting of most covid-19 restrictions across Scotland on 9th August 2021, all sheltered housing common rooms are now permitted to open. A letter sent to tenants jointly by Aberdeen City Council and Bon Accord Care sets out guidance to be followed to ensure residents are able to once again enjoy the facilities but also keep themselves and their neighbours safe. The letter reads as follows:-

To stay safe, you should:

• Get the vaccine when you are offered it

• Wear a face covering when moving around

• Wash your hands regularly, and cover your nose and mouth if coughing or sneezing

• Self isolate and take a PCR test if you have symptoms

• Take regular tests if you don’t have symptoms to reduce the risk of spreading the virus

• Meet outside if you can, and open windows when indoors

• Keep your distance from people not in your group

Staff will continue to clean the common room and anti-bacterial spray will be provided so residents can wipe down areas after use.

Liberal Democrat Housing Spokesman, Steve Delaney said, “I am pleased to see common rooms re-opened at last. It’s been a very difficult time for everyone, but especially people who live alone. The loss of regular activities and social gatherings has hit many people particularly hard”.

“If it’s considered appropriate for society to begin to open up again then it’s only right that common rooms are once again brought into use. This is an issue I’ve discussed with senior officers at various stages during the past 15 months and in particular over the past few weeks in anticipation of the expected opening up on 9th August”.

“I know sheltered residents will take particular care when visiting their common rooms to ensure they keep themselves and their neighbours safe. Just being able to offer activities or even have a cup of tea or coffee together will mean so much to so many people”.

“I appreciate not everyone will be ready to go back to their common rooms just yet as we are all at a different stage of our journey back towards normality. Everyone needs to decide what’s right for them and for some, they will not yet be comfortable mixing with other people, others will be delighted with this news. This announcement gives people choices”.