Home Heating Support Fund

The Home Heating Support fund has been launched to help Scots struggling with their energy bills amid a growing cost-of-living crisis. The Scottish Government scheme, administered by Advice Direct Scotland, is designed to prevent households falling into fuel poverty.

Eligibility is based on households which are ‘self-rationing’ their energy, meaning those who are deliberately limiting their energy use so that they can afford to spend money on other goods or services.

Targeted funding from the Home Heating Support Fund will reflect each individual’s circumstances, with extra support available for households where one person is over 75, they rely on electric heating, or live in a remote or island community.

Payments start at £100, rising to £500 to clear outstanding debt, with the money paid directly to suppliers on behalf of the household.

Local authorities and housing associations, as well as charities and organisations which provide energy or debt advice, are encouraged to register online so that they can seek funding for people they support.

Individuals cannot apply directly, but they should contact Advice Direct Scotland for free on 0808 800 9060 or visit www.advice.scot, and trained advisers can assess their eligibility and refer them if appropriate.

Advice Direct Scotland have also recently launched a nationwide debt campaign to encourage Scots to contact the national moneyadvice.scot service for free debt advice if they are struggling with their bills.

The campaign includes adverts on commercial radio, in newspapers, on buses and on digital street hubs across Scotland. The service includes free, impartial and practical advice and a live chat service with their specialist advisors available at www.moneyadvice.scot/.

The service can be contacted for free on 0808 800 9060 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.