Bus Route Diversions in South Sheddocksley

Lewis Road is being resurfaced between 28th February and 20th March. As a result of this, the road is closed and only access to homes is permitted. The No 23 bus is currently being diverted around the new development at Maidencraig, missing out the whole of the South Sheddocksley loop. 

Lib Dem councillor Steve Delaney, who lives locally, said, “The resurfacing of Lewis Road is very welcome but of course resurfacing this length of road and maintaining access to people’s homes has been challenging and a few problems have arisen. I have been working with the council to try to resolve as many of these as possible”.

“It was also brought to my attention that a small number of motorists had been driving too fast over the construction site, potentially putting the work force at risk. I would therefore ask that anyone who does not need to take their car out, leaves it at home for the next few days. If you do need to drive, please do so, but be particularly mindful of the safety of staff working on site. Thank you”.

Two issues stood out as affecting quite a sizeable number of people, both  were related to the height difference between footway and carriageway (under construction)as the old road surface was removed. This was causing difficulties for wheelchair users as the step was high for them to get back up onto the footway on the other side. In addition, the gap between the carriageway (under construction) in Lewis Road and that of Barvas Walk was making it difficult for residents to get in and out of Barvas Walk.

Steve continued, “Both the council and the contractor have been amenable to trying to resolve the concerns I have raised with them. Accordingly, temporary ramps are already being put in place at the dropped kerbs as well as at the entrance to  Barvas Walk”. 

In addition, the contractor was making good progress over this first week and we are now looking at a completion date of 9th March for the resurfacing of the entire road. It’s likely some minor works such as lining may need to be done after that date. However, the road re-surfacing should, subject to weather conditions, be completed by then and fully re-opened to all traffic”. 

Meanwhile the council has agreed to put out relevant information through their social media accounts. I appreciate not everyone is online, so please pass the word around your neighbours, especially people who may not  be online and do make regular use of the bus service”.

“With regard to the No 23 bus, this is expected to return to the Sheddocksley loop from Monday 7th March. It will not be able to completely follow the normal  route until the resurfacing has been completed. However, it will follow a modified route which should involve a much lesser walking distance to a bus stop than it has over this past week”.

Details of bus route diversions can be found on the FirstAberdeen website. You can keep up with the latest on the resurfacing and the buses through the council’s Twitter and Facebook pages.