First Aberdeen Tap On/Off For Capped Fares

First Aberdeen is introducing Tap On Tap Off (TOTO) payment technology for the first time on 2nd April 2023. The move follows the successful introduction of the system in Glasgow in 2022, which has been well received for speed, ease of use and value.

This new payment technology will replace the existing Tap and Cap system in place in Aberdeen and will offer customers better value on their journeys as the most someone can spend on any number of journeys within a week will be £21.

The update comes as the transport operator is introducing new prices and ticketing options following a fares review. While savings can be made with the new TOTO system, the overhaul of First Aberdeen’s ticketing options will see fares increase by an average of 9%.

The TOTO contactless system guarantees customers ultimate flexibility on the fare paid. It analyses a customer’s travel movements and then calculates the lowest fare for the journey they have made. The system allows the customer to have peace of mind that they will always receive the cheapest Day or Week fare for the travel they have completed.

To access TOTO, a person uses their contactless card or mobile device to ‘tap on’ at the ticket machine next to the driver. At the end of their journey, they simply ‘tap off’ on the new card reader device, which have been installed to enable the journey to be accurately recorded and savings made.

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