Changes to Kingswells Bus Service

Additional funding was secured earlier this week which will allow the Kingswells bus to continue offering a full daytime service when the new service commences on 12th June. This follows on from the Council’s budget meeting where the service, originally at risk of being withdrawn, was reduced to cover peak times only with no buses running between 10am and 4pm.

Local councillor Steve Delaney supported a resident led campaign to save the X40 when First were proposing its withdrawal in 2016. Following that withdrawal in 2017 he continued the fight for bus services in the Council chamber and Aberdeen City Council has since then provided a bus service (currently operated on their behalf by Stagecoach)  for  Kingswells. Steve attended a public meeting a few weeks ago and assured residents that he would do what he could to try to achieve a better outcome from that which was passed at the budget meeting. 

Stagecoach were the preferred bidder following a tender process but their tender, for a Monday to Friday daytime service exceeded the funding which had been allocated towards supporting a bus service to Kingswells. On 24th May the Net Zero, Environment and Transport Committee met to disburse funding to a number of transport related initiatives. This was from a fund made up from fines imposed on motorists who were caught in bus lanes outwith the permitted hours. There are restrictions on what these funds can be used for and supported bus services is one of many, alongside replacement bus shelters, core paths and improved bus priorities, cycle lanes and so forth.

Steve said, “With a record shortfall of £46.6 million the budget has been a difficult time affecting communities right across the city. Remaining the second lowest funded Council (per head of population) didn’t help either. Despite all of this I felt that the Kingswells bus was an absolute necessity and I put a strong case to colleagues. Still not content that a peak time only service would meet the basic needs of residents I have been on the case ever since. Stagecoach put out some news last week but I felt unable to comment, knowing it all depended on the approval of this additional funding.”

“The new service is not the same as what is currently in place. The route is different, some services will include Kingswells Park and Ride and the main entrance at ARI and there’s no evening service. The X14 will work well for the majority of residents but it will represent challenges for some people, especially shift workers. 

“I believe the best possible outcome was secured during what all of us will recognise as particularly challenging times”.

FAQ regarding the X14 service 

When does the service start?

12th June 2023

What happens now that the new service has been agreed?

The current 14 route (and timetable) continues unchanged until 9th June 

Why are there are fewer stops shown on the draft timetable?

These have been confirmed as ’timing points’ they do not represent a reduction in bus stops served within Kingswells.

Does the change to X14 mean it is a limited stop service?

No, it just means that it’s a more direct route into the city centre and will offer reduced journey times (at certain times of day). All bus stops on the new route will be served.

What changes have there been to the route?

The bus follows the existing route around the village down Old Lang Stracht, Lang Stracht and Westburn Road. Instead of turning right into Camperdown Road, it continues along Westburn Road to Hutcheon Street, Mounthooly and Gallowgate, terminating at Broad Street. It also has peak time pick ups and drop-offs at both the Kingswells Park and Ride and the entrance to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.

Does the bus still go to Union Square?

No, for avoidance of doubt, it goes left at Littlejohn Street, right onto King Street, right onto Union Street and right onto Broad Street where it terminates. The bus then returns to Kingswells reversing the route used to get to the city centre.

What is the frequency

Roughly every 30 minutes at morning and afternoon peak and hourly at all other times but check the timetable for details.

Are the bus times the same ?

No. Please ensure you check the timetable  before you leave.

What time does the last bus run?

The last bus headinhgh fj Kingswells leaves Broad Street at 19.19

The last bus leaves Migvie Grove at 19.57

Is there a weekend service?

Unfortunately no. 

Where can I get a timetable

These should be available on the bus very soon. If there’s any extras I have asked that they be  dropped off at the Community Centre. They can also be downloaded from Stagecoach’s website.

Any further queries

Please send these to